Why Choose Us?

Multitech Group, Inc.

Professional installation, maintenance, and consulting for material handling conveyor systems

Quality Project Results

Our goal is to provide complete customer confidence and satisfaction through quality workmanship, emphasis on safety, timely response to client needs and competitive pricing. We definitely don’t need anyone to hold our hand on the job. We pride ourselves in exceeding expectations.

10+ Years in Conveyor Systems Business

We are a “been there, done that“ kind of team that knows how to partner well with conveyor systems manufacturers and general contractors to assure that clients receive on-schedule service, expert work, outstanding safety and unmatched professionalism in the implementation of their conveyor system.

Fair Project Pricing

Our Multitech management team is streamlined. We purposefully maintain low overhead as a company. That translates to very fair pricing for you from a highly experienced team providing exceptional results.

Nationwide in Scope

Multitech has business licenses in over 24 states and are DBE Certified in over 18 states. We work all over the country,  on large projects to small, from large metropolitan geographical areas to out-of-the-way places.

Focus on Solving Problems

Multitech professionals help clients reach project goals with a comprehensive approach to the material handling conveyor installation process. From our mechanics to our parts specialists, from office and engineering staff to our project managers and sales representatives, we are problem solvers. We consistently pay attention to detail, proactively anticipate concerns, and think preventatively to avoid unnecessary problems.

Our goal is to insure that our clients (and their clients) are thoroughly satisfied in every way.

Over 140 Years of Professional Material Handling Experience

With over 140 years of cumulative hands-on experience in the materials handling industry, Multitech will deliver a job well done from start to finish, including site coordination for manufacturers and even oversight of the total installation project. Many of our staff have worked for industry manufacturers and general contractors over the years, giving us real-world experience in dozens and dozens of installation projects.

Low Turnover, Loyalty and Reliability

One of Multitech’s core values is loyalty to our employees. We take care of our team, which results in very low staff turnover. Multitech leadership practices what we preach. We are committed to open communication, trust, honesty and ethical decision-making. Those attributes translate from our home office culture to the project site, providing you with a team made up of the kind of people you enjoy doing business with.

Trustworthy Work Ethic

Our team members have years of successfully working together, which pays off big time on the project site with excellent proactive communication, fairness, constant collaboration and on-schedule delivery. Multitech’s loyal and trustworthy employees have all been cleared through background checks and drug screening.

Outstanding Communication

Multitech is committed to exceptional communication practices with our client throughout the project, proactively building relationships, following up, reporting and follow through. You will receive quick responses to any concerns.

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