S Ivany – PCL

“Multitech was a pleasure to work with on the TSAIA Seismic and Security Retrofit.  Their team took on this challenging project and exceeded our expectations.  Whenever something unforeseen popped up, they rolled up their sleeves worked to resolve the issue.  They were a solution provider and a pleasure to work with.  We would gladly have them on future projects.”

Scott Ivany
PCL Construction

J Philbeck – Walbridge


Project Reference: Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport

Subject: Multitech Group, Inc. Reference Letter

Dear Sir or Madam,

This letter is to confirm that Multitech Group, Inc. performed the Baggage Handling System conveyor and equipment installation at the Northwest Beaches International Airport located in Panama Beach, Florida.  Walbridge was the General Contractor overseeing the airport construction; the project duration lasted from October 2008 to May 2010.  Multitech executed their scope of work from September 2009 to May 2010 and then provided operation and maintenance support through October 2010.  Their subcontract value on the project was approximately $360,300.00.

Throughout the course of the project we worked closely with Multitech owner, Chris Gross, and other field personnel.  Their cooperation and effort on the project was always outstanding and they were a pleasure to work with.


Jay Philbeck
Assistant Project Manager

S Fowler – Keville Enterprise

“I have worked with Multitech representing the Airport Management at Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport in Panama City, Florida and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport as the Quality Control Inspector.  Multitech handled mechanical installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance/operation for the Panama City Project and the mechanical installation, demolition, modifications, testing, commissioning and standby for the DFW Project.  Multitech also handled the Site Coordination for the Equipment Supplier on both projects.

Multitech completed both projects, meeting all milestones per the project schedule while performing quality workmanship.  Multitech’s field crew and management were extremely knowledgeable about their duties, were very cooperative and professional with the Airport, GC and other trades.  All of these things made a substantial contribution to the project’s success.“

Stan Fowler
Keville Enterprise, Inc.
DFW International Airport

T Hodges – H.M. Kern Corp

“My first experience with Multitech was when we were the GC on a project at Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA) in Greensboro, NC.  Multitech came in and took over the Baggage Handling System Installation from another company that abandoned the jobsite early on in the project.  Multitech stepped in with very short notice and assisted us by producing the installation layouts and production drawings and performing the mechanical installation.  They performed admirably and got the project back on schedule.  Multitech, without a doubt, helped us turn a potentially disastrous project into a very successful project that was well received by all involved.

Multitech later assisted us again on another project at PTIA and again performed professionally and per the contract as a couple of years before.

Multitech’s managers and field crews were very cooperative and competent in all aspects of their scope of work on both projects. We look forward to the opportunity to work with them again on another project“

Todd Hodges
H. M. Kern Corporation
Greensboro, NC

F Dahl – ControlTouch Systems

Our company has had the pleasure of working with Multitech Group for well over ten years on many projects.  Chris and Keith and their field crews have been outstanding individuals to work with.  As a control systems integration sub-contractor, we must work side-by-side with a competent mechanical crew in order for a project to be successful.  Multitech has demonstrated that competence time and time again on projects of varying size and complexity.
Frank E. Dahl
VP, Sales and Marketing
ControlTouch Systems, Inc.
(502) 452-9397 www.controltouch.com

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